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Family business cultures are stronger than
other business cultures
because the values on which they are built
are different.
"John L. Ward"
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Family philanthropy can change

not only the lives of people in society, but also the lives of your family members. -Charles L. Collier

Nowadays, Family Businesses face many hurdles on their path to success.

Lack of communication, failure to properly establish a succession plan, and absence of leadership skills are amongst some obstacles family businesses face.  

What We Do?

We provide consulting services to help carry out the vision of the family business, as well as plan for the future of the company.

How We Do It?

Offering advice to family businesses to guide them to success, strengthen his legacy and pave the way for future generations.


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We provide insight to family businesses looking to develop strategic planning that will allow them to conserve their legacy long-term. Learning how to properly communicate and establishing succession are amongst the tools we offer businesses looking for a way to succesfully achieve a lasting patrimony.

A successful family business is able to keep their business in the family through many generations . FBSG caters to the needs of family enterprises looking to further strengthen their family and business ties creating a balance that will ultimately lead to a smooth transition between generations.